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Press Release

Dr Qaim Zaidi– BME Project Manager for the British Heart Foundation today delivered a presentation to a group of ESOL Citizenship students at Al Hayat Languages, Blackburn. Mr Zaidi is responsible in developing a number of booklets and articles for the British Heart Foundation addressing relevant health issues that affect the Black and Ethnic Minority Communities. He said “ there is overwhelming statistic that coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure are a major cause of heart problems and it is excellent that health issues are being address as a curriculum in Citizenship”

Tahir Hussain Chief Executive said, “ We offer innovative courses including education visits and have key note speakers talking to students on a number of issues including Voluntary Sectors as well as Health. (see attached photo), who travelled from London and gave a very interesting talk on healthy living and distributed health resources to the students.”

Another recent speaker was Shakil Salam, Presenter of the Ummah Channel.

AHILC has its Head Office in Blackburn. The centre is accredited by the British Council.
Al Hayat Languages Ltd (AHILC)

Picture below centre Dr Qaim Zaahidi British Heart Foundation, Tahir Hussain Chief Executive Al Hayat and Farzana Ali Programme Leader with students celebrating their citizenship course.



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